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you don't know me

but you will

Emily Straw
4 May
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eye color: reddish brown
hair color: brown
hair length: pretty dang long
make-up or none: depends on the day
siblings' names: erik and elise
favorite color: crayola plum

cussed? hell yes.
skipped school? on accident a few times.
hit someone forcefully? yes.
been on a subway? yes... best way to get around NYC!
cheated on a test? eh, depends what you consider cheating.
thrown anything at a moving car? i think i used to throw snowballs at them.
smashed someone's halloween pumpkin? i'm totally anti-that.
gotten a computer virus? my computer at home is cursed.
been in a fist fight? i've been close, but no.
laughed so hard you cried? ohhhhhhhh yeah.
kissed someone? yeah.
missed someone? heh. yeah.
failed a test? probably.
flunked a grade? no.
gotten an f on a report card? no.
hit an animal with a car? yeah. :-(

what instruments do you play? piano and oboe-- not counting things i learn in methods classes
what color would you dye your hair? anything for theatre. other than that, i'm done with my dying-hair stage for a while.
favorite cookie: peanut butter chocolate chunk
do you cuss in front of your parents? i try not to, but it doesn't matter if i do.
describe your room: the coolest thing on the face of the earth.
how many pictures do you have posted in your room? probably about 500.
who do you look like? alyssa milano and natalie wood.
what's your bedtime? somewhere around midnight.
what do you say when you stub your toe? grargh!
do you still go trick-or-treating? no more. :-(
do your eyes change colors? no.
random lyric: "I often wonder-- where did it all start? Who found out that nothing can capture our hearts like a melody can? Well whoever it was, I'm a fan..."
what is the first thing you notice about people? hair.
who has the same birthday as you? lance from nsync.
do you smoke? no.
what's the first thing the doctor said when you were born? "those are the longest eyelashes i've ever seen!"

Favorite quotes...
*"You can take da boy outta da U.P, but you can never ever take da U.P. outta da boy."

*"As long as you remember how to smile, everything will be alright."

*"Love is patient and kind; Love is not jealous or conceited; Love is not proud or selfish; Love is not ill-mannered; Love is not irritable; Love does not hold a grudge; Love is not happy with evil; Love is happy with the truth; Love never gives up; Its faith, hope and patience never fail."

*"Only one man is worth your tears, and that one man won't make you cry."

*"The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them."